Design Wine Cabinets

Multiple sizes and configurations

Perfect seal and insulation

Protection from light



M40 is a system of glazed doors and partitions made from hot-rolled steel profiles, highlighting the fine lines of the frames.

Their aesthetics, based on original models from the early 1900s or in contemporary minimalism, bring incomparable elegance and style to your wine cellars.

Lightness of the frames, custom handles, wide range of glazing beads with different aesthetics for a timeless design.

“Natural steel” surface finish for industrial effects, RAL or personalized colors such as a “Vintage Bronze effect” finish or ultra matte black.


The purity and elegance of the glass underline the transparency of the partition and fully glazed door. 

A sober black screen printing conceals the profiles of the structure, making them invisible, without compromising on technology, allowing the integration of access control, and details such as handles created in a spirit of design line with metal finishes giving them a distinctive touch.

Cave à vin de vieillissement en verre à Londres


Maximum transparency.
Point-to-point label lighting.
Double glazing.

Cave à vin Contemporaine Invisio


Contemporary cellar in a typical chalet.
Transition between kitchen and dining room.
Détail de finitions modèle Dolia


Detail of screen printing on invisible profile
Custom brass handles
Cave à Vin vitrée à Cannes


Croisette, restaurant NewYork NewYork


Glass trap door hatches

For any extension or renovation project for a “walk-over” cellar with access via a motorized hatch, we have the tailor-made solution.

These open smoothly at the touch of a wall switch or home automation, and control the lights.

Transparency with a laminated glass or hidden when you want to integrate it into the floor finish.

We have various solutions, with tailor-made staircase and of course the layout of your wine cellar.


Rectangular motorized glass trap door
Flush with parquet
Invisible hinge
Access by steel staircase and wooden steps matching the layout