The Wine Cellar Tailor

For many years LA SARTORIALE® develops and manufactures elegant, aging cellars that will seduce epicureans, lovers of great wines and beautiful objects.

We provide you the best storage conditions while creating effective and stylish products.

A wine cellar that reflects your collection.

NEWS 2023

Through our network of workshop, an authorized dealer is there to take care of your wine cellar project.

The workshop ATELIER will give you all the information you need about our products and services.

Opening in January 2023 : ATELIER_FRANCE

Opening in February 2023 : ATELIER_LUXEMBOURG

Green Soul

Our products containing wood from well managed forests according to the strict environmental, social and economic standards established and approved.

They are made in compliance whit quality parameters and specific environmental protection 

and health safety certifications. 

Plastic-free packaging

OLB® Origin and Legality of Forest Products Bureau Veritas Certification

FSC® Forest Stewardship Council® 

PEFC® Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification


Manufactured by master wood craftsmen
Standards for products that could impact the indoor air health quality of any interior spaces.


Contemporary Wine Cabinets


Wine & Tasting Rooms


Design Wine Cabinets


The uniqueness of of a turnkey project.

Confidentials projects carried out around the world, up to 250m2.

Wine cellar, tasting area & cigar lounge.

From the design to the constitution of your collection.

Air Conditioning

For perfect conditions


Elegance is the hallmark of LA SARTORIALE®

Our premium i MATERIALI finishes allow you to match wood, marble, metals and accessories to your needs and preferences.
Each wine cellar is made project by project and meticulously manufactured in our workshops in Italy, by experienced artisans.
Combining craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, they put all their know-how and skills into production, creating spaces in styles ranging from beautiful antique stone vaults to contemporary designs.
Light environment management and secure access is via connected interfaces or on existing installations.
All manufactured products and their components are high value added and of European origin only.
The DOLIA and DOMUS collections offer an infinite number of possibilities.
Special attention is given to each project so that it meets all expectations and is totally unique.

Enjoy your wines at their apogée.
All our LA SARTORIALE® wine cellars are equipped with a special air conditioning system specially developed for optimal aging conditions.
We work with the best partners and manufacturers, depending on the implementation of this batch.
Air conditioning is the key to a good conservation of its wines but other factors must be taken into account.
An adequate air conditioning system will ensure a healthy and sustainable cellar.
For new construction, total renovation or treatment of a recurring defect in an existing cellar, an inventory must be made to anticipate and diagnose the problems in order to develop the appropriate solution.
We advise you, follow the different phases of the project and provide technical plans for the construction of your wine cellar.

Additional Services

Inventory, packing and transport of your collection to a temporary air-conditioned storage in order to preserve and secure it during the preparatory work.

Return of your collection, identification and constitution of the cellar book, storage.

Take full advantage of your wines over time.

We are at your disposal for any advice.

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